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Maximum playing time in a 24 hour period
Christopher Chopra Micheletti
Rugby Ready Certified


I was wondering if anyone could find the maximum number of minutes a SENIOR player is allowed to play in a 24 hour period. From memory it was unlimited, but our provincial union is quoting the IRB and saying that it's 90 minutes. I have no memory of this, and the only time limit I know of is for U19 players, and that's 70 minutes.

In fact, in theRugby World Cup, a match could potentially last up to 110 minutes, which goes against what has been stated by our union.  I've tried briefly looking through the appendices, but didn't comee accross anything, so I'm hoping the wiser minds on this forum could help me out.


Posted 22 May 2014 04.06pm
Jock Peggie
World Rugby Training Manager

Hello Christopher - the maximum playing time allowed for an age grade player in a day is 90 mins - as detailed here:


As far as I am aware I think that you are correct in your unlimited time for Senior players. I will check and if need be update on this post.

best regards


Posted 23 May 2014 11.06am
Jamie Henderson
Rugby Ready Certified

Jock, I bope all is well - I'm an expat Scot living in Montreal and I know Chris well - I actually think I may have met you a couple of times back in the day on the paddock somewhere in scotland!

Did you happen to find any answers to this question?   it's becoming somewhat of a challenge for the lowest division in our league where traditionally we had the flexibility of players playing 2 games in a day to cover a shortfall in numbers.

Posted 30 May 2014 07.06pm
Jock Peggie
World Rugby Training Manager

Hello Jamie - and nice to hear from you - yes I am sure we must have met on the paddock at some point back in the day. Alas I am long stopped playing by now.


I have traweled through the regulations and the player welfare guidance and the only recommendations are for the age-grade players as per above.

For senior players there is no such guidance. If you are having problems with your league I suggest you ask them what recommendation they are quoting and then refer them to the player welfare guidance indicated. That may help the process, but player welfare should always be the number one priority and when considering playing more than 2 games in a day the intensity of the game, physical capability of the player, rest and recovery periods, and individual needs of the player must always be taken into account. 


hope that helps.

Posted 3 Jun 2014 10.06am
Marko Zeravica
Coach Educator
I can't find maximum allowed time per day to play senior rugby 10's.
Somebody knows?
Posted 23 Jun 2014 12.06pm
Ian Baillie
Coach Educator



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