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What boots do you wear, do you rate them and why?
World Rugby
Forum Moderator

I'm thinking of investing in a new pair and it would be good to get everyone's thoughts.

Posted 18 Jul 2011 12.06am
Sam O'Dowda
Rugby Ready Certified

Asics lethal range or Adidas flanker 4's, both light, 8 studs and last!

Posted 21 Jul 2011 10.06am
Simon Jones
World Rugby Master Trainer

You cant go wrong with Nike. Always used them and never let me down!

Posted 21 Jul 2011 03.06pm
John McGill
Rugby Ready Certified
United States

I always get Nike Tiempos. they work great and are very inexpensive.  

Posted 17 Mar 2012 12.06am
Shannon Snape
Laws of the Game Certified

Any boot that is comfortable and has replaceable studs, for soft ground or hard ground.

Posted 19 Mar 2012 05.06pm
Koli Rakoroi
Laws of the Game Certified

As for me I am a forward, I normally wear Adidas Flanker which is light and you can change the studs to suit any types of  condition of turf you playing on.

Posted 28 Mar 2012 09.06pm
Jacob Ross
Rugby Ready Certified
New Zealand

Cant go past Mizuno boots, I have a wider foot and find they fit well every time and you can wear them straight away with out getting blisters and cuts the hassle time from having to wear boots in, the Asics boots are good too but prefer Mizuno as I find you need to wear them in


Posted 29 Mar 2012 02.06am
Steven Passman
Rugby Ready Certified

I would agree with the Adidas Flanker as they come in different width sizes. I can never understand why most manafactures think a size 12 foot would be narrow

Posted 11 Apr 2012 12.06am
Alan Whelan
Rugby Ready Certified
United States

Stick with name brand rugby boots. Young players particularly backs sometimes elect for flashy colored soccer cleats. These boots claim they are light like wings on you feet and will make you a few steps faster.  Yes they are light and offer little or no support for the rigors of serious contact rugby. The Adidas Flanker, Mizuno and Gilbert make a wide range of boots for forwards and backs. The medium cut boot is a good place to start.

Posted 7 May 2016 09.06am
Thomas Odoi Anyetei

Asics lethal range or Adidas flanker 4's, both light, 8 studs and last
Posted 4 Sep 2016 10.06pm
Thomas Odoi Anyetei

I would agree with the Adidas Flanker as they come in different width sizes. I can never understand why most manafactures think a size 12 foot would be narrow
Posted 4 Sep 2016 10.06pm
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