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IRB Level 1 refereeing course
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chouhib hannouf



Posted 25 Sep 2017 12.12pm
Domagoj Beno
Level 1 Coach
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Thank you
Posted 25 Sep 2017 02.12pm
Jennifer Wilson
Forum Moderator

No problem both!

Posted 26 Sep 2017 11.12am
Jackson Toata
Laws of the Game Certified
Solomon Islands

Tried calling our union but their phone seems to be shutting down for quite some time now. I also emailed but no reply what so ever, i don't know, maybe they are still alive not...hahahaaaa...anyway i will continue to try..


Posted 2 Oct 2017 05.12am
Jennifer Wilson
Forum Moderator

I'm sorry to hear you are unable to reach your Union.  If you are still have issues, please let me know.

Posted 3 Oct 2017 12.12pm
Tawananyasha Chamahwinya
Rugby Ready Certified

thats good

Posted 9 Oct 2017 02.12pm
BBM dharmapala Dharmpala

Sri Lanka
How can I got my irb level 1 certificate. I complete it.but I haven't certificate.it's deleted.
Posted 7 Nov 2017 01.12am
Gayan Fernando
Rugby Ready Certified

In two weeks i will be taking the level one ref .What do i need to do in advance to be ready 

i was told to do rugby ready ? How can i get about ?


Please assist thanks 

Posted 11 Nov 2017 10.12am
Mondy Razafindravelo
Level 1 Coach

Hi, how can i got my IRB Level 1 certificate please. thanks you


Posted 20 Nov 2017 01.12pm
Veronica Lawrence
Level 1 Coach
South Africa

Supposed to attened a face to face course first.

Posted 24 Nov 2017 01.12pm
Lee Irvine
Rugby Ready Certified

Are there any referee courses taking place in Thailand?

Many thanks,

Posted 10 Dec 2017 02.12pm
Jock Peggie
World Rugby Training Manager

Suggest you contact the Thailand Rugby Union Lee - contact details here

best regards

Posted 11 Dec 2017 01.12pm
Level 1 Coach


Where can I follow the schedule of IRB level one refereeing courses in Europe?


Posted 11 Dec 2017 01.12pm
Displaying 41 to 53 of 53

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