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1st quick penalty, 2nd quick penalty.
Leigh French
Обладатель сертификата "Готовность к регби"
I am under the impression that there is no law that forbids a 2nd quick penalty being taken?

I often hear players, coaches and supporters shout "you can't take the 2nd one quick" which I belive to be false?

I understand that as a referee you need to manage the flow of the game but am I correct in thinking once a mark is given the attacking player can take a pk right away?
Опубликовано 29 Ноя 2017 11.12
Werner Cromm
Преподаватель судей

The first penalty/FK can be taken quickly at the mark/place of infringement.
If the referee awards a second penalty kick, the second penalty kick is not taken before the referee has made the mark indicating the place of the penalty. Law 21.7(d)
Once the mark has been made, the PK/FK can be played.

Опубликовано 30 Ноя 2017 09.12
Gazama Omar
Обладатель сертификата "Готовность к регби"
est-il permit pour le numero 8 de faire sortir le ballon dans une mêlée avec la main???
Опубликовано 1 Дек 2017 01.12
Werner Cromm
Преподаватель судей

voir 20.9(b) dans les Règles Expérimentales Mondiales 2017

Опубликовано 5 Дек 2017 05.12
Scott Harland
"Старший инструктор World Rugby"

While the second penalty can be tapped as soon as the mark is given by the Referee, we guide the referee to manage this carefully. We don't want to trap the defenders in an unavoidable series of not-10m advances, but we do want the attackers to have the opportunity to play quickly. Our advice to the ref is to walk quickly to the next mark, while advising the defenders of where that mark will be and where their new offside line is. By the time the ref arrives the defenders might still be backing up to their line, and the attackers can tap quickly. The model that I've seen applied in some areas seems to provide too much benefit the defenders, allowing them time to get onside and organized before the attackers could begin play. They already earned a penalty, then spoiled the quick attack from offside once-do they really deserve a chance to get onside at their own pace?

Опубликовано 6 Дек 2017 06.12

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