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Offside Rule
Stephen Reddin

New Zealand
Player number 15 kicks the ball. And the 1-8 are in front and offside. The ball goes out of play. Are players 1-8 still off side? Since 15 hasn't run past them.
I ask as it happened in the Chiefs vs hurricanes super rugby game. The ref didn't look like
He was going to call anything offside. The hurricanes took a quick throw. The ball was knocked on then suddenly the ref called for a penalty for offside. After the ball had gone out.
Posted 9 Jun 2017 10.12am
Werner Cromm
Match Official Educator

When a lineout forms, a player who is offside and is retiring as required by Law remains offside even when the opposing team wins possession and the lineout has ended. The player is put onside by retiring behind the applicable offside line. No other action of the offside player and no action of that player's team mates can put the offside player onside.
If the player remains offside the player can be put onside only by the action of the opposing team. There are two such actions. Running 5 meters with the ball or kicking the ball.

As long as these offside player do not interfere with the game there is no need for the referee to blow the whistle.

Posted 9 Jun 2017 11.12am
Stephen Reddin

New Zealand
Werner the lineout was not formed. The ball was kicked from the 22 metre line. Went out around halfway. Quick throw taken. The receiving player knocked the ball on. Then the referee blew for a penalty on the 22 for off side.
Seems to me he made a complete hash of the situation and handed the team who gained the penalty a bonus point for finishing within 7 points. It didn't cost anyone the game but it made an impact on the standings as the winning team is now 1 point behind the losing side in competition points due to that bonus point
Posted 9 Jun 2017 12.12pm
Werner Cromm
Match Official Educator

My wording in the first paragraph was basically taken from the lawbook.

Offside continues even during an formed lineout and therefore in a quick throw-in situation as well.
The players and not the referee were offside in that situation. Their fault and responsibility.

Posted 9 Jun 2017 04.12pm
Tady Walsh
Rugby Ready Certified

The ref would have been playing advantage for the team who won the lineout. Once the quick lineout was taken and the ball was knocked on, no advantage was accrued, so he would blow it up then for the offside penalty against 1 and 8. If they're not moving towards the ball and not influencing the play, it's a harsh call, but to the letter of the law, it's correct. Should also ask, were 1 and 8 within the 10m line of where the ball went into touch? If this is the case, then they MUST retreat (even standing still is not enough) out of the 10m zone, before playing on.

Posted 10 Jul 2017 02.12pm
Jamieson Shearer
Rugby Ready Certified

hate to be Pedantic but its LAW not RULE

Posted 20 Jul 2017 11.12pm

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