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Question 1: Law 16 The Ruck
Matthew Watson
Level 1 Coach
South Africa

Does anybody else have a technical problem with this question? I have selected the correct answers but the test says that the options are incorrect.

Any help would be great

Which of the following indicate that the ruck has ended?
The ball is completely clear of the ruck A player digging for the ball at the back of a ruck places their hands on the ball The ball is on or over the goal line The ball becomes unplayable
Posted 29 May 2017 03.11pm
Mike Chambers
Rugby Ready Certified
I am not sure which answers you selected, however the question specifies the end to the ruck, not the successful or unsuccessful end; just the end.
So a successful end would be the ball leaving the ruck
- clearly out
- ball on or over the line
Unsuccessful, but still ruck has ended,
- ball unplayable

Hope this helps
Posted 29 May 2017 07.11pm
Werner Cromm
Match Official Educator

"So a successful end would be the ball leaving the ruck
- ball on or over the line"

The ball is not successfully out if it is on or over
- the 22-metre line
- the 10-metre line
- the half way line
- the 5-metre line
- the 15-metre line
- the touchline
- the touch-in-goal-line
- the dead ball line


Posted 29 May 2017 10.11pm
Mike Chambers
Rugby Ready Certified
Sorry, yes, on or over the try line
Posted 30 May 2017 02.11am
Joe Elliott

New Zealand

From my observations of such rulings by many different referees, there is no "correct answer" to this question. Once again the supreme rule reigns: "The referees decision is final". Cynical? You bet!!!

Posted 4 Jun 2017 11.11pm

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