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maurice duny


When a player jumps outside the field of play and folds the ball which has crossed the vertical plane of the button and the player falls back into the field of play (the ball and the player are outside the field of play). Game) is what it touches?

Posted 13 May 2017 05.12am
Frederick Shaw
Rugby Ready Certified

Maurice.  Hope this helps.from the 2017 edition Laws of the Game

Law 19 Touch and Line out.

If the ball crosses the touchline or touch-in-goal line , and is caught by a player who has both feet in the playing area , the ball is not in touch or touch-in-goal. Such aplayer may knock the ball into the playing area.


If a player jumps from the playing area and knocks the ball back into the playing

area (or if that player catches the ball and throws it back into the playing area)

before landing in touch or touch-in-goal , play continues regardless of whether the

ball reaches the plane of touch.

A player in touch may kick or knock the ball , but not hold it , provided it has not

crossed the plane of the touchline. The plane of the touchline is the vertical space

rising immediately above the touchline.


A player who is attempting to bring the ball under control is deemed to be in

possession of the ball.


If the ball-carrier reaches the plane of touch but returns the ball to the playing area

without first landing in touch , play continues.


Posted 17 May 2017 11.12pm
maurice duny


Thank you but in French the players, after the jump, must fall back into the field of play.

Maurice Duny


Posted 29 May 2017 06.12am
Werner Cromm
Match Official Educator

World Rugby’s 2017 law changes, which include the Law Amendment Trial, are launched at July 1st, 2017 for the Northern Hemisphere. As far as I know France, and England, belong to the Northern Hemisphere. Therefore they have not to be applied yet. The 2016 version is still valid.

Posted 29 May 2017 07.12am

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