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Placement of the ball into a scrum
Joe Elliott

New Zealand

Much training and coaching goes into scrummaging, but I see no point in this due to the fact that the ball is seldom, if ever, placed into the centre of the scrum at the hookers feet. Almost without fail the ball is flung well under the boots of his sides locks by the scrumhalf thus giving the other side no chance of a heel against the head no mater how good and strong that sides scrum or its hooker is.

Hands on the ground during a scrum is another no-no but all too often this is overlooked. It too should be penalised as it is cheating. It simply allows the players with their hands on the ground to scrum lower and then raise the opposing scrummagers instead of meeting them head-on.

Finally, penalties given from scrummaging is a joke. All too often a game is won by the referee simply giving the opposing side a penalty from a scrum in front of the poles. They are attacking, knock the ball on, the other side is awarded a scrum...and then the ref gives the side who actually knocked the ball on A PENALTY???? Most times the public are not even aware why the penalty was given.

Posted 2 Apr 2017 01.11am

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