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need help
Saula Radidi
Coach Educator

How must the prop bind when the front rows engage ?? 

 1loose head prop binds outside the tights head rights arm

2 tight head prop binds outside the loose head left  arm 

3 tight head prop may opt not to bind

4 all prop must bind n the back or side of the opposing props 

5 once bound ,prop may excert upward or downward pressure on opponents 

.select one or more answer 

Revise your knowledge 

20.3 binding in the scrum 

can someone help me on this question ,ive been stuck on this question ..



Posted 15 Sep 2016 02.12am
Dinesh Janakantha
Level 2 Coach
Sri Lanka

2 and 4

Posted 20 Sep 2016 11.12am
Saula Radidi
Coach Educator

hi Dinesh Janakantha


still wrong ,but thanks alot for your help

still stuck on this question ..


Posted 27 Sep 2016 01.12am
Don Dunbar

Posted by Saula Radidi

hi Dinesh Janakantha


still wrong ,but thanks alot for your help

still stuck on this question ..


 1 and 4


Posted 8 Oct 2016 08.12pm
Chris Phillips

Hi I don'the know if this is the correct place but can someone please tell me if the World Rugby qualifications for coaching are valid in Italy. Thank you very much
Posted 7 Feb 2017 11.12am
Jennifer Wilson
Forum Moderator

Hi Chris,  Please look on our coaching website at the following link to find out the global equivalency.  http://coaching.worldrugby.org/?page=164 Thanks, Jennifer

Posted 13 Feb 2017 11.12am
Chipema Saudi
Level 1 Coach
i need help
An in-goal player catches the ball from an opponent's kick and touches it down. That player is then late tackled. What actions are available to the referee?
1.Penalty kick anywhere on the 22m line 2.Penalty kick on the 5m line 3.A drop-out 4.Penalty kick at the centre of the 22m line 5.Player admonishmentPlayer temporary suspension 6.Player send-off

Edited by Chipema Saudi on 13th Mar 2017 at 10:32

Posted 13 Mar 2017 10.12am

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